About Us

Primarily, we are just a bunch of roasters. 

We roast the finest coffee imported by D.R. Wakefield and we’ve been working with them since we opened back in 2013. 

While we are not (yet) a B-Corporation, D.R. Wakefield are, and this gives us the confidence to say the coffee we roast and serve is sustainably and ethically sourced. You can read more about D.R Wakefield here: https://drwakefield.com, and B-Corporations here: https://bcorporation.uk 

As well as roasting exceptional coffee for other businesses within Scotland, we have a fully stocked retail shop in Stockbridge where you can buy our full range as well as a selection of teas, equipment and accessories.

Our takeaway focused shop and roastery in Trinity is there to satisfy all your coffee needs from flat white to batch brew, as well as bags of our coffee, tea and kit.